Westminster College's Disability Services

Please select the type of appointment you would like to see us about. Click on it then select the best date and time to make the appointment.

Accommodation Appointment

Create and sign your Letter of Accommodations for the semester

(30 minutes)

Initial Appointment

Register with Disability Services. In order to get the most out of the appointment, please make sure that all documentation is sent to Disability Services prior to appointment. Documentation can be emailed to disabilityservices@westminstercollege.edu or faxed to 801.832.3118.

(1 hour)

Information Appointment

Looking for information about the following: WC’s Disability Services; type of documentation needed; how to get documentation, etc.

(30 minutes)

Other Issues Appointment (30 minutes)

Discussion issues other than accommodations or advising. Just need to check in.

(30 minutes)

Other Issues Appointment (1 hr)

Discussion issues other than accommodations or advising

(1 hour)